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'Your money or your pet' - (petnappers)
TooCute4Words - 11-1-2008 at 19:52

Imagine losing your Dog, Cat, Rabbit, etc.. Pet which you love so much and you will do almost anything to have it returned to you safely.

This opens up a market for criminals and kidnapping your pet and holding him or her hostage until a good reward comes on offer is very tempting to some people. Quite an easy crime really, when you think about it?

But for some criminals, a 500 reward is not enough and it can become a battle of negotiating with a petnapper, rather than a kidnapper who may hold your pet to ransom or threaten to hurt or kill the animal, unless you come up with a large amount of cash for it's safe return.

A terrible situation.

What would you do? 'Your money or your pet'

Here's an article about it,


Your money or your pet
A canine crime-wave is sweeping Britain: ruthless criminals are stealing much-loved pets from prosperous homes and then demanding large ransoms for their safe return. Malcolm Macalister Hall investigates a plague of dognapping ........

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