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I suspect there is a book....
janet - 7-12-2007 at 14:23

...wherein kittens learn about "how to be cute".

Although mine is sulking a bit due to the combination of:

*me going out this morning
*me not allowing her to go out and indeed trapping her between my feet to keep her from doing so
*the bird being out and being noisy

She's also being affectionate as she is after I've been out. For a while, she was sitting on the back of my computer chair, gently patting me on the head!

I'm sure there's a book they pass around, with notes on the margins, "Try this to REALLY get humans to melt....". :)

Dreamweaver - 7-12-2007 at 16:01

Aww she's trying to make you feel guilty, and it seems to be working ;)

scholar - 7-12-2007 at 16:48

I hope she doesn't move on to misbehaving when you are out! My family's cat would not bother to use the litterbox when he was angry about being left alone!