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Welcome to the forums gerobie19
giron - 3-3-2011 at 15:08

Despite what some people might say, this is a friendly place, please feel free to join in. waveysmiley

Morticia - 3-3-2011 at 15:13

Hello gerobie .. and welcome waveysmiley

Morticia - 3-3-2011 at 16:18

come on own up .... who frightened him off?

He's only had time to see me setteehidey ... and giron

giron - 3-3-2011 at 16:55

Let's just say it wasn't me. ;)

I suspect that finding out that you are probably a werewolf might have caused some concern, but you're reasonably normal, unless it's a full moon. :)

Morticia - 3-3-2011 at 17:11

Originally posted by giron
Let's just say it wasn't me. ;)

Well that helped narrow it down!

John_Little - 3-3-2011 at 17:39

Not really.

giron - 3-3-2011 at 18:02

Always blame it on a werewolf, that's what I say.