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How doo
stripeyhoss - 5-6-2010 at 17:17

Hello everyone waveysmiley

marymary100 - 5-6-2010 at 18:59

Welcome. waveysmiley

scholar - 6-6-2010 at 00:56

Hello and welcome, Stripeyhoss.

I hope you enjoy visiting here, and I hope you jump in with some contributions of your own. We share jokes, news, and interesting websites, as well as parts of our own lives. Sometimes we discuss or argue about weighty matters. This is a good place for learning about computers and asking questions on the subject (which was our original starting point, with a special focus on the drivers one needed for Windows devices). In recent years, Windows has made some improvements, but we still fix problems as they come up. There are some really excellent tech minds here.

We'd be glad to hear about your interests, hobbies, and knowledge. We have some pet lovers here, and would be glad to hear about any pets you have, too.:)

Dreamweaver - 6-6-2010 at 08:02

Hi there, and welcome to the forums. flowers_kf

LSemmens - 6-6-2010 at 14:13

With a name like stripeyhoss, you wouldn't be American, would you?

scholar - 7-6-2010 at 03:15

Stripeyhoss, I'd like to keep your interest here at Karlsforums. What kinds of posts do you like to read?:)

Morticia - 7-6-2010 at 10:53

Hi Stripey .... I'm new here too and a little shy so still tending to lurk a bit rather than post but they are a lovely friendly bunch.

John_Little - 7-6-2010 at 13:02

You? Shy? Hmmmmmmm............

Welcome Stripey!

stripeyhoss - 7-6-2010 at 13:31

thank you all for the lovely welcome , I like to read all kinds of things really , from the bizzare to the serious , just finding my way around atm and hope to get to know you all a little better

LOL @ LSemmens , no im not American, its bit of a private joke between myself and my niece

LSemmens - 7-6-2010 at 13:34

Originally posted by Morticia
.... they are a lovely friendly bunch.
Who said?!!!!confused2 You must have us confused with someone who really cares! kewl_glasses

LSemmens - 7-6-2010 at 13:40

Welcome to the madhouse anyway, Stripey, what part of the world do you hail from, anyway? As you'll see from my sig, I live in Godzone, (AKA OZ), we have a majority of Brits, a few Scots (wonderful people), a few Americans (gotta watch those 'mericans - they might try to shoot you) and one or two other nationalities, so, sometime, somehow, you'll find someone to offend you, but we still tolerate scholar and giron anyway.

Seriously, though, we are a friendly lot, I came here out of interest some years back, and haven't been able to escape, sorta like prison, really!

Quaver - 7-6-2010 at 15:14

Welcome Stripeyw_kf.gif
How did you come across this forum?

stripeyhoss - 8-6-2010 at 15:15

I was looking for forums that did pc help , looked at a few then came across this one , im not very savvy with the workings of a computer so I wont bore you with the techy problem i had ( anyway that was fixed by a friend who seemed to know what he was doing )

after looking at a few of the threads/ topics I noticed it wasnt all computer based and thought i might join , hope you dont mind ;)

stripeyhoss - 8-6-2010 at 15:16

btw how do I change the New User ? cant seem to find it in the profile page

John_Little - 8-6-2010 at 15:32

Patience, dear stripey, patience. Oh, and posting.

marymary100 - 8-6-2010 at 16:24

You need to make enough good posts to be offered a custom user title by Dreamweaver the owner of this site. waveysmiley

sceptre - 8-6-2010 at 18:11

How do you do S/H , hope that field is comfy .
as to the user titles here's a rough guide ...waveysmiley

New or Inactive Member 0 Posts
New User 1 Posts
Familiar Face 50 Posts
Full time Regular 100 Posts
Senior Member 150 Posts
Custom User Title 500 Posts

LSemmens - 9-6-2010 at 13:09

PC help we can do! Remember, we were all newbies once, so if you don't know/understand something, just ask. Dumb questions are easier to fix than dumb mistakes. Even our "experts" get caught out sometimes.