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Welcome Taddo
waffler - 8-6-2009 at 02:09

Hi taddo welcome to Karls

scholar - 8-6-2009 at 03:19

Waffler, Karl once told me something he had observed from his years as captain here. When I greeted a member who was looking in but who had not posted, he said that it is common for people to silently look in for days or even weeks before they decided to make any posts. Karl said this when I posted a welcome and tried to coax someone to post. He suggested that my attention might be unwelcome to the person who was still considering whether to jump in or not. Just let them announce themselves if and when they decide to, was his counsel.

Karl, himself, was great at attracting new members. He was so willing to help people outside Karlsforums, and he would let them know they could always get more help here.

Taddo, there's no pressure on you. Look around as long as you like.waveysmiley

Springer - 8-6-2009 at 07:51

I agree scholar, sometimes it is daunting in a new place.

I was OK posting here right away as I knew 2 people already but in most new places I hardly dare post!

I'm new here myself and I've found everyone to be SO friendly.

Good to see you here. :D

John_Little - 8-6-2009 at 08:01


....and, of course, Taddo could be a spammer testing the security.

But welcome anyway.

Talking of spammers. How do you/we deal with registrations requests here? I have set up a forum for my Union Branch Website but was suddenly inundated with spammers and posts about viagra. so I changed the process so that each registration has to be individually processed manually by me.

Needless to say, I have not had a single genuine request and spend a few minutes each day deleting at least 50 or more registration requests from spammers.

LSemmens - 9-6-2009 at 13:24

What about an auto generated email that the applicant must reply to before the account is activated. That way you are at least dealing with some form of intelligence.

John_Little - 9-6-2009 at 13:33

That sounds like a good tip. My board is phpBB3. I'll have to look to see if its an option.

LSemmens - 9-6-2009 at 14:43

You could also try one of those distorted "code words" that must be typed in for confirmation.

John_Little - 9-6-2009 at 14:55

I got one of them and that doesn't stop them.

LSemmens - 9-6-2009 at 14:59

I've not had any experience to assist you so can offer no more than what I have observed during my browsing.

John_Little - 10-6-2009 at 08:33

I think its the same the whole world over, Leigh. I dont know what you do here. But there's a site for people to report regular forum spammers to so it seems its a common problem.

And I think it must be people who are paid to keep trying. But they must be on slave wages to make it worth the effort for the spamming companies.

LSemmens - 11-6-2009 at 14:09

I'd suggest that you start a new thread and ask this question again, John. Our forum gurus may have missed it here.