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New to town
Swift - 7-8-2008 at 23:35

Dropping by to say hello. Nice place, you guys have a lot of cool features here. Later waveysmiley

marymary100 - 7-8-2008 at 23:38

Welcome Swift. waveysmiley

Swift - 8-8-2008 at 00:50

Hello. How do I subscribe automatically to threads? I didn't see anything in the control panel.

the bear - 8-8-2008 at 01:08

Originally posted by Swift
Dropping by to say hello. Nice place, you guys have a lot of cool features here. Later waveysmiley

Welcome Swift, nice to see anther new face. Pop in the Late Night club, you'll get a big, warm welcome in there too/

Regards the Bear ( honey monster ).

marymary100 - 8-8-2008 at 01:11

I use the "today's posts" button at the top to see the most recently posted items. I find that better than subscribing to posts personally.

Quaver - 8-8-2008 at 02:12

Hi! w_kf.gif

scholar - 8-8-2008 at 03:41

I see you've looked around, and made a few posts in different threads.

We are a varied group here, with different nations, different ages, and different interests. We are mostly a friendly and gentle group. This is a what-are-your-interests group, not a what-are-your-wearing group. :D Many first come here for help with a PC problem, get to know some people, and stay for the friends made here. That's the way it was with me.

I hope you'll keep coming back, and post where you wish. You are the only one who brings your opinions, your knowledge, and your sense of humor. When you see an interesting news item, or a cool web page, or hear a good joke, think of us and share it. We have serious discussions about important matters, and are sometimes silly. The Trivia Forum features word games and series.

I especially commend the sub-forums that have special topic areas. We have several animal lovers who enjoy the Petshop Forum, which started featuring fish but was later expanded. We have a Parenting Forum, which doesn't get a great many posts because many of us are already at the age where our sons and daughters are grown.

Welcome. I hope to see you often.waveysmiley

SRD - 8-8-2008 at 07:21

Hi Swift welcome.

I must admit I don't subscribe to threads, drift happens, but, like mm100, I do use Today's Posts.

janet - 8-8-2008 at 07:50

Hi :)

I've subscribed to a few threads at times - mainly ones in PC help where I needed help and didn't want to miss answers as soon as they appeared! :)

Otherwise - today's posts works (and there's a link at the bottom of each page to it, now - that was a very welcome addition a while back!).

TooCute4Words - 8-8-2008 at 08:22

Welcome swift welcomey

It's a great place to post and find out information about PC's & Laptops and anything else you can think of really. :)

LSemmens - 8-8-2008 at 13:35

A slow hello to a swift person! Welcome to the madhouse! I hope we see more of you.waveysmiley