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Hello Rubicon
Dreamweaver - 19-7-2008 at 19:54

Welcome to the forums.... welcomey

marymary100 - 19-7-2008 at 20:00

Hello. Are you a history buff? waveysmiley

victor - 19-7-2008 at 20:31

Hi Rubicon. waveysmiley
I visited Denver once great place. :)

Golden, Days Inn 9/11. shocked_yellow

the bear - 20-7-2008 at 16:05

Rubicon Hello and welcome,

Tell us a little about yourself? we dont bite ( well not often)!!!

Very best regards the Bear

LSemmens - 21-7-2008 at 13:45

I'll welcome you too, but I don't know you! Welcome anyway! Please tell us something about yourself, it doesn't even have to be true! Some people may tell you that I'm a nice guy, little do they know!waveysmiley