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Sir Roger Bannister
marymary100 - 4-3-2018 at 11:54



Sir Roger Bannister, the first person to run a mile in under four minutes, has died at the age of 88.
His time of three minutes 59.4 seconds, set at Iffley Road sports ground in Oxford on 6 May 1954, stood as a record for just 46 days but his place in athletics history was assured.
Bannister also won gold over the same distance at the 1954 Commonwealth Games and later became a leading neurologist.

JackInCT - 4-3-2018 at 20:44

Once upon a time long, long ago, in what at this point seems to have occurred in another life, I was an avid 6 days a week, an hour per outing, regardless/heedless of weather, a jogger.

Individuals like Mr Bannister were in the vanguard of the aerobics movement, and both helped launch and inspire millions to exercise.

It is one thing to run, and quite another entirely, to run fast, especially re creating the self-induced motivation to try.

Coming to terms, admittedly begrudgingly, with the limitations of one's body, especially as one ages and one's body becomes decrepit, is an impossible task, but at the very least, people like Mr Bannister have helped along the way for one to learn to accept reality (but not necessarily gracefully).

One of the least talked about aspects that Mr Bannister and his 'movement' brought to the forefront, was the role of competition and rivalry in one's personal world as there were always peers that could run like the wind, and superficially with apparent ease. One's betters are one betters, and wishing otherwise is a very hard lesson to learn re being a total waste of emotional energy that could, and should, be put to better use.

Roger, Over And Out!

marymary100 - 4-3-2018 at 20:49

I was more interested in his profession to be honest. I was never a runner, more of a team player, but he ran out of duty to try and repay the loyalty of those disappointed by his lack of medal in the previous Olympics.

LSemmens - 5-3-2018 at 02:42

It was another time. In this day of steroids and other Illegal substances he wouldn't get a look in.