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One for Scholar
LSemmens - 25-2-2018 at 09:19

All you need do is solve the clues, and you could be rich! :D Just remember where you found out about it. ;)

scholar - 27-2-2018 at 01:01

My responsibilities to my two churches, to my wife, and to the homeless people we take in and the hungry people we feed don't leave me time right now for such a search.

I am "laying up treasure in heaven." :knight) greengrin

scholar - 27-2-2018 at 01:12

I read the verses of clues. It seems to me to be the kind of thing that, if you knew where to go for the treasure, you could understand that the description matches the place and how to get there. But, to do it the other way--to get to an unknown place from the clues, without instead going on a false path--that may be next to impossible, without vast resources.

Of course, if a large enough number of people undertake the challenge, that would be add up to vast resources--but, since they are not working together, it would not add up to the same effect, since dozens could duplicate the same false paths in a way which a co-ordinated team would avoid.

One possible approach: what can you find out about Fenn? Where was he traveling in the period during which he hid the treasure? Did he rent overland or river or air transport? Do credit card charges or cell phone records or any deliveries indicate where he was? Such information could narrow down the area of one's search considerably.

scholar - 27-2-2018 at 01:16

And, if it were found--would the finder let his discovery be known? If a person would have to pay taxes on it, he might well want to keep its acquisition secret, if he could use it as personal wealth without disclosing it.

But, the part of the clues which speaks of title to it, sounds as if some official record of ownership needs to be made. Fenn might have made some arrangement to this effect, so that a team of people finding it would have to be above-board about it. (No one is allowed to murder the friends who helped him reach it, for example, or Fenn would not transfer ownership.)

LSemmens - 28-2-2018 at 07:01

Let us know when you find it, Scholar. ;)

scholar - 2-3-2018 at 02:13

Originally posted by LSemmens
Let us know when you find it, Scholar. ;)

When I get to my treasure in heaven, I don't expect to be posting in KF anymore.