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A dog, a dog
marymary100 - 21-2-2018 at 18:43

I have been trying to get a dog to be involved with the school. I was initially interested in a therapy dog to calm pupils down when they were upset and to show young people how to care for something vulnerable. The Dogs Trust came in today and spoke about all the things they can do for us and I am so excited. A regular visit from Alfie, who will be read to, clapped, used to plan budgets, taken for walks... I might work on past retirement if we can keep having dogs come in to play.

John_Little - 22-2-2018 at 10:07

Just got the Richard III reference. When my dad spent a bit of time in a respite home, they had a full itinerary of entertainment. One of them was "The lovely Samantha and her Shih Tzu". Which reminds me of the joke about the zoo where the only animal was a dog.

LSemmens - 22-2-2018 at 13:21

Thanks for that imagery, John.

Our local nursing home has a retired Greyhound as a pet. They are wonderful animals and so placid. Maybe your school could adopt one.

Quaver - 22-2-2018 at 13:22

Dogs at school? Lovely idea, wish my school had dogs:)