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President's Day
marymary100 - 19-2-2018 at 20:16

Who is/was your favourite?

scholar - 19-2-2018 at 21:08

Ronald Reagan.

His policies revived the American economy and contributed to winning the Cold War. His communication skills toward the American people were excellent. He managed to work with Democrats in ways that advanced the conservative agenda for the American people. He demonstrated that cutting Federal taxes can bring more tax money into the Treasury by stimulating more private economic activity.

John_Little - 20-2-2018 at 07:56

I liked Bill Clinton.

John_Little - 20-2-2018 at 09:08

I meant to add that I cut out and kept a wonderful photograph of Bill pointing at someone/something with tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks. I think something as simple as that shows his humanity. As does his apparent need for human contact. Nudge nudge.

Oh. And I was also quite moved by his appearance at the last inauguration when he was right in the background while other ex-presidents were coming to the fore. Obviously not a well man now.

John_Little - 20-2-2018 at 09:58

I cant find the picture now but Mrs Little found this video clip that the picture may have come from. Takes a while to get going but worth it when it does:-


LSemmens - 20-2-2018 at 11:46

I've never tried one, what do they taste like? nananana

John_Little - 20-2-2018 at 11:52

Ask Monica.lips_sealed