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The talking Orca
marymary100 - 31-1-2018 at 23:11



This is the first time an orca has been trained to learn and distinctly repeat human sounds.
Previously, only three other mammals have been described doing so - an elephant in 2012, harbour seals in 1985, and a beluga whale in 2012.
A beluga whale has also been observed learning to "speak dolphin," in a case described just last year.

Sound clips for all.

JackInCT - 31-1-2018 at 23:52

What could possibly motivate any dumb animal to learn to speak "human sounds"?--they would have much better things to do with their lives. Furthermore if the giving of food treats is such a great learning strategy, then why isn't it used in all classrooms on the planet. I'm afraid the time is at hand to conisder the possibility that orcas are smarter than our childtren.

Furthermore, if by any chance these "human sounds" are English, could that lead to outcries that all the other languages on the planet are being discriminated against, as in perceived that the trainors consider English as indicative of English speaking peoples as thee superior race. Just saying...

If indeed this orca has intelligence, he would be teaching his trainors to speak Orcese (or something like that) not the other way round (the Orcs could use wet kisses as a reward cause humans are suckers for affection in any form). Just saying..

marymary100 - 1-2-2018 at 06:51

I noticed when I was in Valencia last year that much of what claimed to be educational and for scientific research looed a lot like the old entertainment shows put on in Miami. Captive animals are always saddening. However, having seen the clips on the BBC it seems eager to mimic, even if it is just for food rewards.

LSemmens - 1-2-2018 at 08:10

In some ways it would be good if any animal could learn a human language, or vice versa, they might, then, be able to communicate their true feelings to us "captors".

John_Little - 1-2-2018 at 10:13

I read that as "The talking ocra" I was expecting a little green vegetable with a mouth.

JackInCT - 1-2-2018 at 13:35

I'm going to extend orcs learning to talk to an imaginary scenario.

Suppose someone took it upon themselves to teach orcs a prayer from the [fill in the blank with a religion of your choice] religion.

Due to overhead and operating expenses, a decision was made to introduce orcs to collection baskets that it was felt that the orcs could fill with fish that would be then sold in the marketplace.

However events unfolded in a way that no one anticipated they would. The orcs, upon the very first attempt at a collection, by a consensus process, all decided to give up their new found faith and leave the church, and furthermore to forego all talking forever and ever to all homo sapiens.

Once again homo sapiens, in terms of their history repeating itself, failed miserably to be most careful of what they wished for, especially in terms of their worldview that their culture is the one and only culture that's worth anything.

John_Little - 1-2-2018 at 14:19

I can imagine the ocra saying give peas a chance.

JackInCT - 1-2-2018 at 15:23

Originally posted by John_Little
I can imagine the ocra saying give peas a chance.

Once someone discovers that Orcs taste like chicken, their days are numbered.

Give Peace A Chance is a plea for mercy which, as we all know, will fall on deaf ears in the world of commerce.

John_Little - 2-2-2018 at 10:41

I think you missed the joke, Jack.

JackInCT - 2-2-2018 at 12:38

Originally posted by John_Little
I think you missed the joke, Jack.

No! I just suspected that there was something fishy about your post.

FYI: it really wasn't very funny and while I can only speak for myself, WE do expect better of you. The entertainment value of posts is no small matter on this board. As I'm sure you well know information/enlightenment/etc., are all distant also rans to entertainment on this board.

LSemmens - 3-2-2018 at 00:20

It's alright, John, I appreciated you levity.

This is a very serious subject and we should not make light of the fact that Orcas are smart enough to realise that humans have nothing to offer them than what they've had all along.

Like the bloke from social security interviewing Jackie (an old abo from beyond the Black Stump) for benefits. He asks Jackie what he wan's to do for a job

Jackie: Why would I want a Job?

SS: So you can earn money.

Jackie: Why do I want that?

SS: So you can have somewhere to live

Jackie: Why do I need that?

SS: (trying a different tack) So you can save up for retirement

Jack: Why....

SS: (getting frustrated and cutting him off) So you can sit around all day and go fishing and......

Jackie: (also getting frustrated and cuts SS bloke off) You got rocks in ya head, mate, I do that already.

JackInCT - 3-2-2018 at 02:33

Originally posted by LSemmens
This is a very serious subject and we should not make light of the fact that Orcas are smart enough to realise that humans have nothing to offer them than what they've had all along.

I agree, especially since they're carnivores. I would recommend that when dining out with an Orca that you take care NOT to order the fish on the menu.

John_Little - 3-2-2018 at 11:22

Orca Whale

John_Little - 3-2-2018 at 11:24

Ocra (AKA Ladies Fingers)

JackInCT - 3-2-2018 at 13:51

Originally posted by John_Little
Ocra (AKA Ladies Fingers)

In mankind's never ending quest for the ultimate confection, I offer up the Americanized VISION for Lady Fingers which I must confess not only bears zero resemblance to your image of Ocra (which in America is spelled "Okra"), but fortunately for the palette couldn't taste as different as can be.

There are hundreds, nay thousands, of recipes for variations on Lady Fingers, to include European versions [where it is claimed they originated] and known by the name of their country of origin, BUT, have no fear, are available in specialty stores across the planet that purvey imported delectable edible goods.

Some choose to spend their lives pursuing the Holy Grail; I choose to spend mine pursuing foodstuffs like the Holy Vision of the Lady Fingers in the embedded image. I would submit that eating just one, if that is possible, would send the consumer to Heaven's Door (the 7th one).

John_Little - 3-2-2018 at 14:53

I think I'd prefer your finger for a chocolate fountain, but here we would call that a "sponge finger".

scholar - 3-2-2018 at 20:38

Originally posted by marymary100
Captive animals are always saddening.

Among human beings, those who must forage for food and who have no certainty of warmth and shelter, or even survival, usually long for these things. And, of course, captive animals often get medical care.

Certainly, when animals are mistreated, that is a bad thing. But, is it really sad, when the captives get everything they need, perhaps better than in their native environments?

I wonder what the animals would tell us?

scholar - 3-2-2018 at 20:40

Originally posted by John_Little
Ocra (AKA Ladies Fingers)

If your lady's fingers look like that, your National Health Service has failed her!shocked_yellow

John_Little - 3-2-2018 at 23:00