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Awe inspiring sights.
Katzy - 30-1-2018 at 22:03

I doubt I'll ever see anything that makes me feel as these do.


When I was a train driver, I used to see a lot of these, over the Thames estuary. As the dawn rises, those early morning ones, particularly, are mind-boggling.

marymary100 - 30-1-2018 at 22:31

I love a good murmuration. There was one recently online where they made the shape of a bird - not sure if it was real. I've also heard recently something that purports to be crickets slowed down to resemble an unearthly choir. Again, still not convinced.

LSemmens - 31-1-2018 at 01:34

Piccies like that pop up from time to time on my e-mail feed.