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Alexa + Jeff Bezos Opens Amazon's New Seattle Campus
JackInCT - 29-1-2018 at 23:52

For those on this board, i. e., luminaries who did not make the invite list:

Alexa was quoted as saying that she could have done all of it without any help from Jeff.

Minimal Summary:

Alexa, open the Spheres': Jeff Bezos finally unveils the firm's new $4 BILLION 'mini-rainforest' campus in Seattle where employees will be surrounded by waterfalls and 40,000 plants

Employees will walk along stone paths, observe mini-waterfalls, and enjoy plant life from South America

Massive project includes three office buildings in the shape of spheres – the tallest of which is 90 feet tall

The three giant steel-framed, glass-enclosed domes in Seattle will house over 800 Amazon employees

Jeff Bezos officially opened the Spheres in an event today, using the Alexa voice assistant for help


Quite a few more pixs in URL