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They say things come in threes...
Katzy - 25-1-2018 at 13:34

First, was a shock. My next-door neighbour came down to find his wife, on the sofa, with a blue face and not breathing. Ambulance was called. He, being ex-army, did CPR and all that, but she died.

I'll miss Monika.

Second, was me throwing up, everywhere, getting the squits and generally being in the grip of what seems like a bout of my friend the norovirus.


Third, is a long story...

Way back in the late eighties, I worked for a company, as a project engineer, doing this kinda stuff:


I was only with them for about five years.

Well, a couple of weeks back, Equitable life managed to get hold of me, via the dreaded DWP, telling me that I had a pension, with them, that was due to pay out. I had to fill out this huge bloody form and thought "Is it worth it? This must be worth all of 50p".

Anyway, I sent it off and forgot all about it.

This morning, a letter arrived.

They want to throw £22K at me!!

I'd rather that Mon hadn't died, coz she was my friend. We shared the naughty step, when we had a ciggy.

I'd rather that I wasn't ill and feeling total sxxxe.

But, twenty-two grand has rather cushioned those blows.

In all honesty, I'd give it back, tomorrow, if we could have Mon back, though.

John_Little - 25-1-2018 at 15:09

Commiserations and Congratulations, Katzy.

Nimuae - 25-1-2018 at 18:30

Seconded Katzy - enjoy - I bet Mon would be happy for you!

marymary100 - 25-1-2018 at 18:37

Tears in my eyes for both bad and good reasons Katzy.

LSemmens - 26-1-2018 at 02:11

Comisser/congratul/ations Katzy. It is sad to hear about your friend. Keep an eye on her hubbie, given that he has now lost her, and he was also the one who found and tried to save her it is likely that he will be quite fragile for some time, especially after the funeral. I'm sure you know all this, anyway.

Change of subject. On a brighter note, now that you're rich ;) can I hit you up for a tenner :D waveysmiley