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CES 2018-Somnox Is The World’s First Robot For Sleeping
JackInCT - 15-1-2018 at 14:04

"Dutch startup Somnox arrived to the latest iteration of the Consumer Electronics Show to reveal its creation of the same name that’s advertised as the world’s first robot focused on helping you sleep better. The Somnox robot is said to rely on “scientifically proven” techniques for stimulating certain cognitive functions and encouraging particular breathing patterns that allow you to fall to sleep more easily. Despite not being officially described as such, the Somnox is essentially a smart pillow you’re meant to snuggle with in bed so as to have your body automatically pick up on some of its cues and mimic the breathing techniques simulated by the device, allowing it to relax and fall asleep in a quicker manner.

The Somnox also comes with a companion app for Android and iOS devices that offers lullabies and other soothing audio recordings such as heartbeats and meditation guides. Should you have a particular sound that relaxes you, you’re able to upload it into the app and easily access it while simultaneously activating the smart pillow so as to quickly prepare for bed. The video that can be seen below is a brief summary of the Somnox’s abilities and covers most benefits of owning it. The Dutch company says its creation is meant to be an evolution of contemporary sleep tracking solutions that are useful for gathering data but don’t immediately improve your quality of sleep. Additionally, the Somnox can also be instructed to allow you to sleep longer or help you wake up in a more natural manner, the startup claims."

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LSemmens - 16-1-2018 at 00:28

I've got no problem with a link.

FWIW I go to bed, I go to sleep. When I wake up, I get up. Don't need a pillow for that.