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Surviving a murder attempt
marymary100 - 3-1-2018 at 14:29

Don't mess with an ER nurse

John_Little - 3-1-2018 at 17:04

Bit of a long story. But interesting

Katzy - 3-1-2018 at 17:05


LSemmens - 3-1-2018 at 23:34

This sort of story, not her survival, but the circumstances of the attempt are probably quite common. Those who do attempt to pay for a murder and get caught will be similar to this bloke.

marymary100 - 4-1-2018 at 00:58

I actually prefer long reads.

I thought that the story was morbidly fascinating. I also liked the fact she was able to articulate such a terrible incident from a recovered stance. To be able to survive and go forward tells you how strong she actually was.