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Creepy abandoned mansion photos
scholar - 30-12-2017 at 04:08


unmasked, in case there needs to be adjustment to the URL:

http://www.hooch.net/an-abandoned-mansion-in-nyc-raises-questions/?utm_source=aw&utm_campaign=hooch2-amn-aw&utm_medium=5 35f9ce3b76c4cef.anonymous.google-aud-370492578611-aw&utm_content=229573441164&utm_term=-&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7ubMjumw2AIVTrlPCh3Y-gQJEAEYASA AEgKFbfD_BwE&A5cHN=1&A5cTCHN=1&D_4_6cALL=1&D_4_6_10cALL=1

I'm not familiar with the site, so it might be phony, or not.

The captioning is certainly dramatic.

I would think some detective work could look up the names of the former owners (property tax listings, etc.), but it serves the "story" better for the one writing the captions to speculate.

Taken at face value, I find it interesting. And, a waste of what was a fine building, and contents that were certainly of some value before they went into disrepair.

JackInCT - 30-12-2017 at 14:32

Originally posted by scholar

disrepair = despair

I presume that the local property tax bill has NOT been paid for some time, and at this point is a huge amount [does anyone across the pond think that as the structure slowly buy surely sank into disrepair, the market value of the house reflected that (decreased) and the property taxes likewise decreased--NO! that's not how America works).

I would imagine that each town has its own abandoned property "system" based on the lack of payment of the property taxes, I. e., the legal owners actually forfeit the title to the property (all nice and legal via court action). But local govts are poor caretakers and do poorly re auctioning off--oh yeah! supposedly there are public notice type auctions held by municipal govts, but that doesn't mean that a bidder, any bidder, submits a bid. There are factories galore in my habitat, but of course their pollution status is horrific re the costs of remediation relative to untainted sites elsewhere (yeah Uncle Sammy has funds to pay some of the costs of remediation, but it never seems to be enough for buyers).

I just love the pix with the huge teddy bear.

Katzy - 30-12-2017 at 19:59

There's a webby named "Abandoned places", or similar. Lots of buildings, like that, there.

You can find a lot that's similar on a lot of the Urbex sites, too.

You'd be surprised how many buildings are abandoned and a lot of them are in pretty good nick. Entire towns/villages, too, in the US and around the world,

I can't imagine that many of the buildings put up in the last fifty years will last as well...

A nuthouse, I believe, was on North Brother Island, NY. It's still there and not in dire repair. Nature, of course, is claiming it back.


A lot of these places still have furniture and general items of clutter about, as if everyone just got up and ran away. A big house, near us, was the Iranian embassy, for some reason. That was just left to rot and urbex people have been in and had a gander around.



LSemmens - 31-12-2017 at 05:12

Actually if you follow on with the photos of the house, the series then goes on to North Brother Island and the history of Typhoid Mary, who was a resident there. A very interesting look at some, not so old, History.