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marymary100 - 29-10-2017 at 13:58

If I asked you what your core values were, what would you say?

My school is about to revisit the values we all agreed on 7 years ago because there is hardly anyone in the building who was part of the original discussion. The core values then included things like responsibility and honesty.

John_Little - 29-10-2017 at 14:01

There were five values in BT. Can't remember them now. Come to think of it, I don't think I remembered them then.

I think some of them were

We are professional

We respect each other (yeah, right......)

John_Little - 29-10-2017 at 14:02

Googling BT values now, it seems they have gone down to three values.

Katzy - 29-10-2017 at 18:47

Honesty and being trustworthy (Same things, really, I s'pose). Once trust is broken, it's irreparable. You'll never get it back 100%.

Liars really pi55 me off. They always get found-out, eventually.

Respect. You can't get it, if you don't give it.

Be rich.

Be as sexy as Hell.

Drink JD, in moderation.

Pity about the one about being rich. Never managed that one.

John_Little - 29-10-2017 at 19:54

Jack Daniels?

LSemmens - 30-10-2017 at 04:07

Speaking of being rich, all I need now is money.

As for my core values, I have always left it to others to decide what they make of me. I always try to be reliable, honest and trustworthy.

John_Little - 30-10-2017 at 07:27

Sounds good to me.