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Congratulations BG and J
marymary100 - 30-9-2017 at 22:04


LSemmens - 1-10-2017 at 01:07

Is it finally "THE DAY"? Congratulations, you two! May you both "live long and prosper". :D:love2):clap)hyperhyper

John_Little - 1-10-2017 at 08:09

Speech! Speech!

Quaver - 1-10-2017 at 15:54


marymary100 - 1-10-2017 at 22:36

We would love to see a pic or three...

Badgergirl - 4-10-2017 at 21:23

Hey hey!!
I'm not sure how to post pictures properly so I'll ask if Redwolf could maybe rip a few from my Facebook page?

John_Little - 5-10-2017 at 07:39

Who's "Redwolf"? I knew someone by that name once but a long time ago...