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Made my day!
Katzy - 18-9-2017 at 20:05

I was shown a letter that my consultant sent to my GP and it rather made me smile.

The part that did it was the bit that said "this man is sixty-one years of age, but his looks certainly belie his age".


'course, he may have meant that I actually look older... lips_sealed

marymary100 - 18-9-2017 at 20:08


Katzy - 18-9-2017 at 20:26

I don't think you'd word it, like that, if it was older.

That's my thought and I'm sticking to it! :D

marymary100 - 18-9-2017 at 20:44

We all like to think we look younger than our years. I come from a family where the women look years younger for a long time and then suddenly gravity takes over. lips_sealed

Katzy - 19-9-2017 at 10:22

I've been lucky, with that. Ever since I hit fifty, people have always thought I look way younger. Yet, with the beard, I'd've thought I looked older.

Maybe it's the long hair,? Although, maybe the beard hides some wrinkles?

Ha! I'm proud of my wrinkles. I've earned every single one of them.

LSemmens - 20-9-2017 at 00:18

Take the hat off. It makes you look like a thug. :D

Katzy - 20-9-2017 at 17:48

I had to think about that...

LSemmens - 21-9-2017 at 08:36