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Relatives go to the hospital
scholar - 16-9-2017 at 23:21

My alcoholic niece had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, where a stint was put it. She is the one whose daughter was removed from the home for the daughter's safety. I hope that the seriousness of the threat to her health might lead her to seek a change. Time will tell.

An adult daughter had a panic attack, and was taken to the Emergency Room. Panic attacks feel, to the person having one, as they imagine a heart attack would feel--your heart races and you might well feel short of breath. The medics might have left her at home, but for the fact that she has breathing problems (like asthma), and she might have had oxygen issues in connection with the attack. Ruby picked her and our granddaughter up from the hospital afterwards.

LSemmens - 17-9-2017 at 11:00

Are you sure it was a stint? Most people with heart conditions do a stint in hospital after having a Stent installed.