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I've had this cactus for forty-odd years...
Katzy - 16-9-2017 at 13:20

...and, yesterday, it decided to flower.

If you can't tell, from the image, it's about ten inches (254mm) long and five inches (127mm) wide.

I guess it was worth the wait!

[bad img]http://playing.twaddlehosting.co.uk/Cactus.jpg[/bad img]

John_Little - 17-9-2017 at 08:02


marymary100 - 17-9-2017 at 09:00

Lovely. I had a Christmas cactus for years that started flowering at Easter as well but unfortunately it died out a few years later despite, or perhaps because of, me treating it as I always had done.

Quaver - 17-9-2017 at 09:48

Beautiful. Well worth the wait:)

LSemmens - 17-9-2017 at 10:26

Brilliant! At least you can enjoy the pictures for a few more years.