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Sign language failure - hurricane Irma
marymary100 - 16-9-2017 at 09:24

watch the video

Katzy - 16-9-2017 at 13:26

Normal US news report, then? :D

scholar - 16-9-2017 at 14:17

I think the man who communicates with his deaf brother by ASL can choose what he will say from words in his own ASL vocabulary, and sign them at his own pace.

The challenge of signing for someone else, at spoken-conversation speed, without vocabulary restriction, was far beyond him.

The people responsible may have grabbed him at the last minute because he was the only person available to them (that's one kind of mistake--people responsible for the safety of others ought to plan better). Or, they may have thought he had more ability.

LSemmens - 17-9-2017 at 11:12

I wonder how his brother copes in the real world?