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Hooligan punctuation and the grammar police
marymary100 - 10-7-2017 at 17:57


Katzy - 10-7-2017 at 19:14

Just who has the authority to decide what exact size and shape they should be?

Apostrophes... Now, there's something that some are REALLY poo at. Whyever would anyone think of using them in words like... er... "Apostrophe's"? Or "Carrot's"?

John_Little - 10-7-2017 at 20:46

How pedantic

LSemmens - 11-7-2017 at 01:49

Even a pedant would have problems with that marking regime. Which idiot developed those marking strategies, they must needs go back to school.

Quaver - 11-7-2017 at 10:34

If the children were told how the marking system works beforehand, then I'd say it's fair.