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A young lady I know is in medical confinement after a suicide attempt.
scholar - 7-7-2017 at 21:53

She has severe pain all the time, and gets a small disability check.
Someone we both know learned of the suicide attempt and let me know. She is glad that she has been hospitalized, because her back problems are severe and the doctors have not been giving her prescription pain meds.

After a time of spiritual trouble and suffering, she professed coming to the Christian faith. But, some months afterward, she has fallen away.

She has health problems that the local doctors have given up on, according to her account. She says they don't know exactly what is causing her abdominal fluid problems and don't know how to solve it.

LSemmens - 8-7-2017 at 22:52

I can understand her situation. Pain, sadly is one condition, that is purely subjective and one that many medical professionals completely misunderstand. What seems like a log to one would be a splinter to another. My wife has lived with chronic pain for many years and, despite many attempts at control, has yet to be completely pain free. Had she not had good support over the years, she, too, would have attempted to end it all.

scholar - 9-7-2017 at 00:56

This evening, she was discharged, but then not allowed to leave the ward without someone present who would accompany her. Her friend Sophia (who lives with us) took a bus to her home, expecting to be company to her after discharge. NO ONE IN HER FAMILY WAS WILLING TO COME TO PICK HER UP FROM THE HOSPITAL, SO SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE TO SPEND AT LEAST ANOTHER NIGHT THERE.:( Even her sister, who administers her disability check, was unwilling to come.

So . . .

Well, you know Whom I serve. Ruby did not want to be home alone, so she went with me. It is good that I was there, not just Ruby, because I had to go all the way to the 8th floor adult psych ward and communicate through the security to collect her.

:( The hospital did not even provide wheelchair transport to where Ruby was waiting in the car to pick her up.waggyfinger

She is now at her own home with Sophie, for kindness and safety.

LSemmens - 10-7-2017 at 08:49

I'm sure you know my thinking on the subject, scholar, I trust that she does well.