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One to make your eyes go funny.
Katzy - 28-6-2017 at 15:08


Quaver - 28-6-2017 at 15:21

It's just a double circle isn't it?
Impossible to see it like that even with one eyeconfused2

Katzy - 28-6-2017 at 17:32

Sure is. :D

scholar - 28-6-2017 at 22:57

I am able to see it as one circle inside another, larger circle, with both my eyes open.

I must add that to my list of special powers.:P:P

Nimuae - 29-6-2017 at 05:30

That is clever, Katsy !

LSemmens - 29-6-2017 at 09:02

Now my eyes are still rolling! :( Thanks Katzy!