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Simon Smith gets hit by a bus
LSemmens - 28-6-2017 at 02:29

Not our Simon, I hope!

marymary100 - 28-6-2017 at 05:59

What with this guy going right into the pub afterwards and the chap running from terrorism with his pint in his hand, it would appear that we no longer turn to tea in a crisis.

Katzy - 28-6-2017 at 15:09

I wonder what happened to his dancing bear...

marymary100 - 28-6-2017 at 15:42


LSemmens - 29-6-2017 at 09:07

I think I'd be looking for a stiffer drink than a beer after that!

marymary100 - 1-7-2017 at 08:54

Found the bear...


John_Little - 1-7-2017 at 10:34

Looked under age to me. Should have tried asking someone older to get it for him.

LSemmens - 2-7-2017 at 11:27

I wondered where The Bear had gotten to. I hope he's enjoying his holiday. Have you heard from him of late, Nim?