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Ask May for money
marymary100 - 26-6-2017 at 21:33

Apparently there is a magic money tree for the DUP - £100m per seat.

So, Mrs May could you shake that magic money tree and give nurses a pay rise?

Maybe affordable homes with fire resistant cladding, money to feed those going to food banks, hire more social workers, police, firefolk, teachers...gosh I'm on a roll.

LSemmens - 27-6-2017 at 02:17

So is she, she thinks. Is she likely to remain as PM, or will the party room replace her? I presume that your system is similar to ours.

LSemmens - 27-6-2017 at 02:52

I just heard that Trump has offered to debate May. Of course there has been some discussion on this.

Trump may trump May or May may trump Trump.

Kaboom! :D

marymary100 - 27-6-2017 at 06:01

He can't even go down some steps unaided.