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Happy Father's Day
marymary100 - 18-6-2017 at 20:15

My dad was 85 last week and yet today still went up a ladder to help me hang new curtains before we sat down to dinner.

So here's to fathers everywhere who always do what is right by their offspring.

Katzy - 18-6-2017 at 20:45

Mine could be in a box, now, for all I know.

It's good to know some people can keep a good relationship with their parents, though. I can't say I feel jealous, really. It's just the way things worked out.

Or, not.

scholar - 19-6-2017 at 01:34

With all my step-offspring, I have a large family indeed. They are sometimes a challenge, but I am truly blessed.

My wife and I have a bit of a disagreement, though--she urges every relative to wish me "Happy Father's Day." I think it is a phrase with little real application if there is no fatherly relationship involved at all (not bio-, or step-, or foster-, or even at least temporary-functional.

Katzy - 19-6-2017 at 11:05

Personally, I've always treated Father's day as a nothing, really. Mother's day, after all, is a true religious gig. Originally, of course, it had diddly to do with your mother. It was meant to be the day that you attended your mother church.

Father's day was one of those weird things that we imported from the Yanks, for purely commercial reasons, it seems to me...

Quaver - 19-6-2017 at 11:47

We did our father's day few weeks agokewl_glasses
Since we don't live near each other, we do everything on a 'convenient' day nowadays...

LSemmens - 20-6-2017 at 01:51

Not down here it ain't. FWIW My dad died when I was 3, so that was a couple of years ago.... (posted this in a wrong thread - fixed sticktongue2)

Regardless of if they are your biological offspring, or not, Scholar, they still see you as "father". Be happy about that, it would be far worse if they saw you as an interloper who was trying to usurp the role of their biological dad. FWIW. we have adopted grandchildren who only see us a pa and Gran, and my son as Dad. My daughter in law, treats us as more parents than her real, and adoptive (she was adopted) parents) I consider that a humbling honour.