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Snapchat Spectacles
JackInCT - 21-2-2017 at 01:50

Snapchat Spectacles:

If unfortunately you have been in a coma, and have just come out of it, you're probably not up to speed about Snapchat Spectacles (or maybe even just what Snapchat is/isn't).

And of course you can't be held accountable for not knowing that the spectacles are all the rage (in certain quarters).

So rather than my making a futile attempt to enlighten you, I will suggest that you go to YouTube, and search words "snapchat spectacles" and feast your eyes on any of the dozens of vids.

According to CNET.com they are now available for sale online (what a relief that is!!!).

The embedded pix is from Venice, CA last Nov when hundreds lined up (and stood in line) at a vending machine to buy a pair.

So all you Trump haters can put away your rose colored glasses (at least for a little while)!!!!

John_Little - 21-2-2017 at 09:15

I don't hate him. I think he's a right laugh!:D

marymary100 - 21-2-2017 at 23:44

I also don't "hate" him but I genuinely think he is unfit for office. As to the snapchat spectacles, I must have been hiding under a rock. ;)

John_Little - 22-2-2017 at 08:12

I've not seen much about him on the Simpson's. Must be lots of good stuff to use. Like him buying Snapchat swimming goggles.

JackInCT - 22-2-2017 at 16:50

Originally posted by marymary100
...unfit for office....

Being "fit/unfit" to hold the office of the President Of The United States has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

All that matters to each and every candidate is whether they are electable.

If you think for a moment that each candidate ever asks themselves the question "if I am elected will I do more harm than good", you have allowed yourself to be hoodwinked (AKA duped) by the system's propaganda machines.

It is not a reality that's unique to the USA.

Each individual (adult) who ever believes that could EVER change falls somewhere on the continuum between hope and despair.

sceptre - 22-2-2017 at 17:49

Originally posted by John_Little
I've not seen much about him on the Simpson's. Must be lots of good stuff to use. Like him buying Snapchat swimming goggles.

I'm sure I read something about the simpsons giving it a rest
because it was turning out that the truth was even less believable than fiction . ;)

LSemmens - 22-2-2017 at 22:02

First I've heard of them, but then I rarely do social media, 'cept a couple of forums, that is.

John_Little - 23-2-2017 at 09:26

We're the same Leigh. I'm fiercely loyal to the tried and tested forum format. Don't do facebook or snapchat. Do a little Whatsapp after spending a bit of time in Brazil.