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Shoplifter denied feminine hygiene products and trousers in America
marymary100 - 31-7-2016 at 22:48


American justice in action in Louisville.

Redwolf5150 - 1-8-2016 at 03:29

Originally posted by marymary100

American justice in action in Louisville.

Welcome to my job, WATCHING such shenanigans in court.

LSemmens - 1-8-2016 at 03:48

It makes you wonder why the country is in the state it is in with such people "in charge", and I'm not referring to the Judge, here.

Katzy - 1-8-2016 at 08:56

What an odd place.

Nimuae - 1-8-2016 at 16:09

Is that really an example of the judiciary in america ?

A scruffy courtroom with people wandering in and out, a judge who wipes her nose on her hand and then handles court records? Not to mention the treatment of the defendant.

It beggars belief !!

Redwolf5150 - 2-8-2016 at 02:38

Her jailers obviously had her right to trousers mistaken for her right to bare arms.