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Cat Alarm Clock
Badgergirl - 27-7-2016 at 08:34

How do I get rid of Mishka every morning at 5:30?

She wakes me up, walks and nuzzles all over me (while purring and chirruping) and keeps me awake because she won't leave me alone.
I haven't been sleeping well for ages now because she's taking longer and longer to get bored and go back to sleep.

We feed her plenty so she's not asking for food (and she's not getting rewarded for waking me!).

marymary100 - 27-7-2016 at 08:43

Put her out the room when she starts it and put in your ear plugs.

I'm not a cat person though. ;)

My friend has Maine Coon cats. One of them is so intelligent that it has worked out how to get out of a locked cat flap. My friend had to come back from her shopping trip because a neighbour phoned to say it had escaped and was eyeing up the koi in a neighbour's garden pond. They always sit either next to me or on me when I go to visit, despite the fact I give them minimal attention. She says they like the fact I wear real wool.

Badgergirl - 27-7-2016 at 09:01

I'm not a cat person ether...

I love Mishka to bits but I just don't "get" cats!

John_Little - 27-7-2016 at 09:19

Our cat used to do the same. I quite liked it but then I was a lot younger and able to take it.

LSemmens - 27-7-2016 at 12:43

Cat tries that to me, it would be learning, very quickly how far it could fly.....

Badgergirl - 29-7-2016 at 11:07

She woke me up at 6:30 this morning. I gave her some cat milk then we shut her out of the room. She yowled for about five minutes then eventually shut up again. I don't think she scrabbled at the door but I might have to find ways to stop her doing that.

I *think* we can train her not to try and get into room in the mornings.

John_Little - 29-7-2016 at 15:04

You could buy a dog.

marymary100 - 29-7-2016 at 15:37

Or a tortoise...

waffler - 31-7-2016 at 10:20

Kick it outta the house at night :D

Badgergirl - 2-8-2016 at 11:08

So far so good. We're playing with her until about 11:30 so she's absolutely knackered and sleeps until my alarm goes off in the morning.

Our training is clearly coming on in leaps and bounds. Next week, we're learning to make her dinner on demand....