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marymary100 - 5-7-2016 at 23:01

Clinton or Trump?

Are you serious? Is this REALLY the best you have to offer?

scholar - 6-7-2016 at 00:58

Of course, they are not the best the US has to offer.

On the Democrat side, Vice-President Joe Biden declined to run. Between himself and Bernie Sanders, the two could very well have stopped Hillary from a first-ballot victory at the convention. Either of them is undoubtedly more honest than Hillary, who has been rightly described as a pathological liar. I disagree with Sanders and Biden on policies, but each of them are honorable people.

On the Republican side, there were many candidates with excellent experience in governing, from executive and from legislative positions. Alas, the voters who favored a candidate with a proven record in government split their votes among the large field, while Trump attracted most of who wanted a more extreme choice, someone outside the conventional political system.

I could name several beaten Republican candidates who would do a better job, who would work together with knowledgeable advisors and who have the right temperament to be President. I think Trump's ego is as big as Obama's, and he is likely to make the same kinds of mistakes.

LSemmens - 6-7-2016 at 08:52

Off topic, but only just. We had an election here last Saturday and they still haven't finished counting the votes and there is not enough of a clear majority to declare a winner, or loser yet. looks like we will end up with a hung parliament. Another few years of nothing getting done I suspect.

Katzy - 6-7-2016 at 09:44

Originally posted by marymary100
Clinton or Trump?

Trumpton? :)

marymary100 - 6-7-2016 at 10:18

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub.

Katzy - 6-7-2016 at 15:13

All of whom have more intelligence, I'd suggest...

marymary100 - 6-7-2016 at 17:08


John Barnes - 7-7-2016 at 11:02

You know and I know Mary its not the quality of the American POTUS but the money behind them, and the greasy hands they have to line to reach the top of the greasy pole, the money cartels make the policy the president is only their mouthpiece

Katzy - 7-7-2016 at 16:36

Same here, innit?

John Barnes - 9-7-2016 at 15:44

Whilst answering a investigating tribunal on sending classified e-mails by unguarded server, Mrs Clinton was asked if she had cleared the server and wiped her hard drive
Quote "wiped my hard drive, what with a cloth? " this from the heir presumptive to be the POTUS ( Mr Putin will be wetting himself). I don't know about God bless America its more like God help America IMO. shocked_yellow

LSemmens - 10-7-2016 at 09:39


marymary100 - 10-7-2016 at 10:43

Ever the ingénue.