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Child protection
marymary100 - 22-4-2016 at 17:36

When I was a child we played on the road between our houses - skipping, Chinese ropes, rounders, scooters, football and bogies )go karts)

When not doing that we were rehearsing concerts round the back door or wandering off for walks in the wood. I lived in that street from the age of 5-12.

Adults were seldom seen, except when providing the audience for our concerts.

This mum has been reported for letting her children play inside their own garden:


Do you think we have gone overboard or should children be more closely monitored?

Morticia - 23-4-2016 at 12:26

It's gone overboard ... no doubt about it.

Okay, there are elements of kids safety that have changed and with good cause, for instance, internet safety.
But poor kids ( and parents)... come unstuck now over the simpler little pursuits that allowed kids freedom and independence. Do kids have much fun outdoors now or are they all tuck inside playing on their gadgets?
I can remember even 20 years back my sister ben reported by a zealous neighbour for allowing my nephew to play on the pavement outside the house. Admittedly, I could see their concern as it was a busy main road through the village centre.

But playing in their own garden, as with this lady? It's a bit OTT. Perhaps the world's becoming full of people who just love to snoop on and criticise other people.

marymary100 - 23-4-2016 at 14:58

Better their own garden than with a frustrated parent indoors or on a busy street. If a child is being hit or verbally abused that is something else but safe, unfettered play should be encouraged imo. We will end up with a generation that can only go outside when it has been H&S-proofed.

LSemmens - 27-4-2016 at 11:29

Don't plant trees in your yard if you have kids, you might get into trouble for giving the kids opportunity to climb them.