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How to write clearly
marymary100 - 7-4-2016 at 09:26

by eliminating uncommon words -


Katzy - 7-4-2016 at 10:22

I suppose it matters as to what Top Words are. As you don't tell us what those are, I guess I'll have to enter this and see if anything gets highlighted. Seems not! :)


Theravad - 7-4-2016 at 11:12

How to dumb down?

LSemmens - 8-4-2016 at 05:31

Their prerogative to choose some words over others. I tend to be concise.

Quaver - 8-4-2016 at 08:36

Originally posted by marymary100
by eliminating uncommon words -


Rabbit, cow and duck were highlighted. I'm sure most children know those:D

marymary100 - 8-4-2016 at 08:58

Not in the common list of first 1000 words. Teachers will use sites like this to make sure they aren't introducing too many new terms all at once. A struggling reader will sound out one or two words a paragraph but they will give up if they need to do it for most of the words.

Quaver - 8-4-2016 at 09:22

I see.
Are these the list of 1000 common words?


marymary100 - 8-4-2016 at 09:49

Probably. :D