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Odd tourist attractions
marymary100 - 28-2-2016 at 22:28

Here, of course, people on holiday go to the whisky trail distilleries or the golf courses. A less well known tourist attraction is a nearby wind farm which doesn't attract me at all but many people do go.

What odd tourist destination does your area offer?

LSemmens - 29-2-2016 at 07:02

I hear that there's a Left shoulder blade that people come from miles to see.kewl_glasses

marymary100 - 29-2-2016 at 07:08

Tra la

Katzy - 29-2-2016 at 11:48

An old railway line, which would be much better being brought back as such, has become the trans-Pennine trail.

Odd thing... As you must know, the Romans built their roads as straight as they could. The one from Chester to Manchester (One of many Watling Streets), though, has a dog-leg, so that it could go through Altrincham. Back in the day, it was an important market town.

sceptre - 29-2-2016 at 16:30

Originally posted by marymary100
A less well known tourist attraction is a nearby wind farm which doesn't attract me at all but many people do go.

It's a eyesore from from where I stay .

You didn't mention Arran or the other islands as a local attraction ;)

marymary100 - 29-2-2016 at 17:22

Shhh! Don't give the game away. ;)

LSemmens - 1-3-2016 at 06:59

Strangely enough, I don't mind the look of wind farm. At least the land right up to the base of the tower can be productive rather than having a bloody great power station with huge car parks and fuel dumps spewing whatever colour smoke/Steam into the sky.

Badgergirl - 1-3-2016 at 18:33

There's a Pencil museum in Keswick where Derwent artist pencils are made.

I've never been, but it sounds like a hoot.

sceptre - 1-3-2016 at 20:02

prefer the local power station lips_sealed

victor - 2-3-2016 at 03:41

House Of Marbles South Devon
Games also glass blowing. We were there fifty years ago
Always fancied a look round the underground streets in Edinburgh.

marymary100 - 2-3-2016 at 07:00

My daughter visited a bagel factory when in Canada and is already booked to see a tea plantation in the summer. I find them odd notions too.

Katzy - 2-3-2016 at 12:21

Went on a school cruise thing, back in the day. One of the places we visited was a fish cannery, in Vigo, Spain.

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