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Happy birthday Waffler
marymary100 - 16-7-2015 at 08:49


waffler - 16-7-2015 at 15:50

Thank You another year closer to retirement :D

the bear - 16-7-2015 at 16:21

Originally posted by waffler
Thank You another year closer to retirement :D

You're not that old smokin: Have good one mate :)

Very best regards the Bear waveysmiley

John Barnes - 16-7-2015 at 19:30

All the best wishes from jmbwaveysmiley

delanti - 17-7-2015 at 14:24

As they say, a day late and a dollar short, that's me. Anyway, have a great belated birthday guy. :wav):dancemancheers:band_1

Katzy - 17-7-2015 at 16:10

OOPS! Me, too. :(

Hope it was a ball, oh Waffly one!

LSemmens - 18-7-2015 at 10:55

I'm sure I posted something, now it's not there, I hope it was a good day, and one of celebration.