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Started chemo,
charles - 3-6-2015 at 17:16

Been diagnosed with mesothelioma, through using asbestos only for a day or two when a lad training to be a plumber, the chemo has been horrendous , my legs feel so weak, sore throat , horrible taste in mouth and the depression,
I am being treated at the private clinics at Christies manchester , one o.f The best. Cancer hospitals in Europe with t.he top oncologist they have,
He said it ,cannot be cured but should be, able to keep me going for quite a few years yet,
Go to see see the specialist next Monday.
Anyone else had or know someone who has had chemo, and how long did the affects last. ?

John Barnes - 3-6-2015 at 17:20

My thoughts and prayers are with Charles as you know. your old pal john jmb

marymary100 - 3-6-2015 at 17:29

Hope all goes well Charles. Chemo is not for the faint-hearted but you're confident about your doctors so I'm sure you'll do well.

John_Little - 3-6-2015 at 18:18

I now a few people who have had it but normally with radio therapy as well. So I'm not sure what does what. But good luck Charles and what ever the side effects are, they are worth it in the end.

the bear - 3-6-2015 at 22:38

Hi Charles, sorry to hear that you re not feeling well. The Chemo will help, it can be rough for six weeks or so but you should feel better after that, ( eat plenty of Yoghurt.

Has your oncologist told you what stage he thinks your at.

Hope you feeling better soon.

Best regards the Bear waveysmiley

LSemmens - 4-6-2015 at 02:20

I'd watch those doctors at Christies, Charles, you might find yourself on the Auction Block!

Seriously though. I pray that all goes well for you, Chemo is not often an easy ride. Hang in there and I hope that they manage to knock it on the head before too much damage is done.

Nimuae - 4-6-2015 at 05:01

My thoughts are with you, Charles, chemo can be rough.

My brother was on it and it took them a while to mix the right cocktail of chemicals to help him. His problem was also partly due to asbestos. He was a fireman for the RN Fleet Air Arm, worked on aircraft carriers, and they were dressed from head to foot in asbestos suits.

Hope all goes well and you feel better soon.

charles - 4-6-2015 at 18:31

Been nausea all day, just gone of a bit at6.30p, what a relief .

scholar - 4-6-2015 at 22:39

I'm praying for you too, Charles.

Do what you can for your nutrition. When you have no appetite, nutrition shakes can be a help.

Redwolf5150 - 5-6-2015 at 02:22

You're too mean and ornery to shuffle off this mortal coil so quickly.

Besides, you are what keeps John B in line!

Quaver - 5-6-2015 at 11:39

Glad you have the best doctors in the world looking after you.
Take care.

charles - 5-6-2015 at 11:50

Best day I have had today ,apart from being washed out
Let's hope zip kick up before the next session.
Thanks for the good wishes

John Barnes - 5-6-2015 at 11:55

That good to hear Charles, keep taking the castor oil you know its doing you good jmb

charles - 5-6-2015 at 14:29

Originally posted by John Barnes
That good to hear Charles, keep taking the castor oil you know its doing you good jmb

Bloody hope so.....waggyfinger

John Barnes - 5-6-2015 at 18:26

So do I ;)

LSemmens - 6-6-2015 at 03:17

I just hope MU climb back on their perch for you. Depression because of the drugs is one thing, but Moan U losing too......You might jut want to top yourself....... nananana

the bear - 6-6-2015 at 19:36

How was your day Charles, better I hope, take care!

Best regards The Bear waveysmiley

charles - 6-6-2015 at 19:39

Originally posted by the bear
How was your day Charles, better I hope, take care!

Best regards The Bear waveysmiley

Felt nausea until this afternoon , but eased of tonight ,thanks

charles - 6-6-2015 at 19:40

Originally posted by LSemmens
I just hope MU climb back on their perch for you. Depression because of the drugs is one thing, but Moan U losing too......You might jut want to top yourself....... nananana

When you feel as I'll as I have you do not think of such trivialities,

LSemmens - 7-6-2015 at 03:01

Sorry, Charles, just trying to cheer you up a bit.

charles - 7-6-2015 at 09:50

Originally posted by LSemmens
Sorry, Charles, just trying to cheer you up a bit.

No one can cheer me up at the moment

John Barnes - 7-6-2015 at 11:30

Lets just hope your chemo is effects are waning, and you have a good Sunday. Did you watch the Barcelona v Juventus match last night ? I did, and will watch the French open Tennis today. take care old pal jmb
ps I hope your consultant has some cheering news for you tomorrow. kewl_glasses

Dreamweaver - 8-6-2015 at 00:37

Have to say Charles , if your with Christies, you have the best care for you and they will find you the BEST available treatment to help you possible xxx I hope it goes well for you xx

LSemmens - 8-6-2015 at 03:18

We can but try. Hang in there mate.

charles - 8-6-2015 at 19:52

Been to see consultant today,had chest x Ray and left lung x ray,
Nothing much has changed on chest x. Ray, but fluid has not built up again which is a good sign,
Start more chemo next Monday,but not quite as strong as the last lot..

John Barnes - 8-6-2015 at 22:18

I hope it all goes well Charles. See that Castor oil is doing you some good. jmb kewl_glasses

John Barnes - 10-6-2015 at 21:23

Charles has had a really rough day today, he walked 100 yards and collapsed flat out. so he went home.
and he has to have another bout of chemo next Monday, just hope its okay for him. Hang in there Charles from jmb

scholar - 11-6-2015 at 00:07

Another prayer for you, Charles.

Persevere. The undesired effects of chemo are often awful, but the benefit can be more than worth it.

LSemmens - 11-6-2015 at 10:34

Thanks for keeping us posted, John, I just pray that Charles keeps well enough to keep us posted on you, too, when you are feeling poorly.

John Barnes - 11-6-2015 at 18:40

Actually I feel fine in myself but the docs say I have contracted a very rare form of cancer . I am going for a MRI scan on Wednesday the 17th then I will be taking the unkindest cut of all lol . as soon as they see fit.
the surgeon says my lymph glands seem okay but a biopsy under the operation will tell them more they feel confident they can help me. At the moment its just a stinging I can control with a couple of pain killers, anyhow lets see what we will see cheers for asking

charles - 11-6-2015 at 20:21

Bloody hell john ,did not know they thought you had the big C as well,
Do you think it's something we said about football ?
On a serious note all the luck in the world,

John Barnes - 11-6-2015 at 22:15

Well the word started with tumour, and when I was talking to the consultant he came out with the cancer word, and said I was lucky in one respect it was in a place where they could deal with it without going into the body, and by the looks of things he said I had got an early start and it had not spread to my lymph glands, so his prognosis was good. I was fast tracked so after Wednesday's MRI scan I will be sorted out within 7 days of it. one way or the other. Glad you are able to write on the forum as I know you was so weak the just the other da,y so take care and keep on with the castor oil jmb lol shocked_yellow :P

ps football is the last thing on my mind, actually to tell the truth I am more worried about the Mrs if owt happens to me

LSemmens - 12-6-2015 at 08:53

Your prognosis does sound encouraging John, SWMBO had cancer in a similar area some years back and has now been given the all clear so I understand the surprise factor. She did not think it was a cancer and, at the time, did not even think it particularly nasty, until the doctors explained the hows and whys. I hope Mrs Barnes is keeping herself well, and not worrying about you too much.

John Barnes - 12-6-2015 at 14:15

Ann is fast losing memory she cant recall some thing 5-10minutes ago but can recall any misdemeanour I did 40- 50 years ago haha
Mine started last Christmas I went to the docs and was told he was not taking appointments till Jan 21, by that time I felt a bit better but it deteriorated. So I went back and a girl junior doctor took a look and seemed out of her depth, so she called in another Doc who just gave it a cursory glance and declared ballinitis and gave me some antibiotics and cream, so after a month of no improvement it started bleeding. by then the head doc took a look and put me straight on to a consultant who ordered a biopsy then after the results I was sent to the district head hospital in Leeds for assessment, that's when the word cancer was stated.
Next Wednesday I go for a MRI scan then about week after I go for chop of a part of it, the doctor said I may not need chemo ,I hope I don't as seems to knocking the stuffing out of my old mate over in Cheshire so that's it up to date.jmb

LSemmens - 13-6-2015 at 03:58

Swmbo did not require chemo after her excision because they caught it early enough so you may be lucky, John.

John Barnes - 13-6-2015 at 10:34

That's exactly what the surgeon said

scholar - 13-6-2015 at 15:58

I've put in a word with Him for you, too, Jmb.

Here's wishing you the best, and peace of mind for your wife.

John Barnes - 13-6-2015 at 21:22

Thank you very much. and I feel sure I can say that for Charles as well. jmb