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Any ideas.
the bear - 2-5-2015 at 23:28

Fluffy black and tan female puppy, mischievous and nosey. Going to be loads of fun and company.

She will grow to Standard size. Our other dog was called Poppy.
Have you any suggestions what to call her, want to move away from Pip, Spot and the like.

The only name in the frame at the moment is "Gypsy"

Any ideas??????;)

Regards the Bear waveysmiley

scholar - 3-5-2015 at 00:07

You could name her after the month of her birth. Or, perhaps, after the birthstone of her birth month, if you want a fancier name.

Quaver - 3-5-2015 at 00:48

You could name her after the new Royal princess :D

Nimuae - 3-5-2015 at 06:25

Gypsy sounds good to me!

marymary100 - 3-5-2015 at 08:04


LSemmens - 3-5-2015 at 08:47


waffler - 3-5-2015 at 23:22


Quaver - 4-5-2015 at 12:27


Katzy - 5-5-2015 at 10:15



LSemmens - 6-5-2015 at 01:07

:D Thanks Katzy, most appropriate. (Or are you really Eric?);)

Katzy - 6-5-2015 at 11:10

I was reminded that I named one of ours Eric, coz of that. He was a beautiful lad, too.

Queen of Ra - 6-5-2015 at 12:26

Trinket or Cinnamon...


victor - 6-5-2015 at 21:19

The only pooch we had was a cross border collie, grew up with our children very good with them we called her Floss.

LSemmens - 7-5-2015 at 01:26

We had a budgie called Eric.

Sounds like the name is to be "Eric" O'Bear! I hope Shirley likes it!

Nimuae - 7-5-2015 at 07:02

Eric - for a female, Leigh? My money is still on Gypsy !

Quaver - 7-5-2015 at 07:45

Erica? Erika?

LSemmens - 7-5-2015 at 10:13

You could still call her Eric, Just remember A boy named Sue.

LSemmens - 9-5-2015 at 04:21

As this is a puppie thread I thought you might like this :D

marymary100 - 9-5-2015 at 07:58

My dogs were called Prince, Ace and Bracken respectively. No girls.