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Hong Kong
Queen of Ra - 22-4-2015 at 12:35

I am about to conquer Hong Kong. Does anyone have any top tips/must do recommendations?


John_Little - 22-4-2015 at 14:57

Does it involve throwing barrels?

sceptre - 22-4-2015 at 19:21

Don't expect to be waiting in any orderly queues ;)
It's normally who can get there first

LSemmens - 23-4-2015 at 02:05

Don't try and take any pharmaceuticals (especially illicit ones) into or out of any Asian countries. Honk Honk should be good, certainly not as bad as Bali. Are you coming any further, or will Hong Kong be your only destination?

Queen of Ra - 23-4-2015 at 16:37

Hong Kong is as far as I am coming this time.

LSemmens - 24-4-2015 at 02:19

Still a few thousand Ks north of me, I'm afraid,