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Internet in the house
grayles - 7-2-2014 at 11:43

Following on from a couple of other threads on here got me thinking about how much we rely on the internet nowadays.
Thinking about last night, myself, partner and five children (three of my own and two guests).
Daughter and boyfriend- one laptop connected to TV, streaming and watching a film straight from the internet, two smartphones constantly updating (facebook ect).
Son one watching tv via Iplayer , playing online game on laptop, and one smartphone.
Son two and guest, playing an online game while watching Utube videos on pc of other people playing same game to see how to do it, Also using his tablet to Skype with other friends. One smartphone (possibly two, not sure what his friend had).
Myself and partner watching a movie on tv, streaming from laptop not direct from the internet but originally downloaded. Myself using laptop, partner on tablet. One smartphone.
No, we donít have a smart fridge. But there are several more units in the house that do use the internet when In use.
We did have some trouble with the internet going off for a few minutes at a time a few weeks ago (been ok since I changed the channel on router), but I could always tell when this happened from the cries of dismay that would come from all over the house.
I know I am combining two different things, internet and wifi, but it does make me wonder how much we rely on it from the ease of instantly answering questions to the entertainment abilities. But I think there would be a big gap in our household without it.
Before anyone says , yes we do interact as a family a lot in the home, playing board, card and other games, reading and such, and the kids do interact with others out of the house and offline (though Iím sure not as much as previous generations).

John_Little - 7-2-2014 at 11:51

broadband use is monitored by the suppliers and they do sometimes curb the use by excessive users. But I take your point. I have to say that we have wifi at our caravan club and that is very slow - due mainly to the distance from the exchange. But it does sliightly annoy me when some users have their computers constantly streaming radio or tv stuff which I'm sure hogs bandwidth and slow everything down.

Katzy - 7-2-2014 at 11:56

Our exchange got fibre-optic cabling, recently.

Our connection's a bit faster. But, the main thing, is that it never slows down, now.


grayles - 7-2-2014 at 12:13

Yes we are on fibre optic here, with a company that claims they are truly unlimited and never restrict. We are connected at 40 down and 10 up.
Don't know how much we use now as have no way to measure it, but with our previous supplier where we had ADSL they made us upgrade the package as we were using over their 40GB monthly limit. Since we now have fibre I'm sure it's much higher.
The daughters phone alone uses about 4GB a month of data, this doesn't include when its on wifi. That's just for facebook and emails type of stuff, she wants to tether it to her laptop so she can catch up on college work while at work (she is allowed when they are quiet) as there is no wifi there. But she only has 6GB on her contract a month so I'm trying to dissuade her.

grayles - 7-2-2014 at 12:15

Our internet doesn't slow down, but when too many are accessing it via wifi is when we can still get problems.

delanti - 7-2-2014 at 16:25

Originally posted by grayles
Our internet doesn't slow down, but when too many are accessing it via wifi is when we can still get problems.

I would imagine your house is fairly typical of a family home today. At my Sons in AL the typical evening is Son on PC playing some war game, his girlfriend on tablet doing something. My grandson on another PC playing games with smart phone in hand. Me with my flip phone trying to find something good on TV.confused2

At home, it is just me and my flip phone. I have about one TV show per night that I try to watch unless my hockey team is playing and then they come first which takes up about 3 hours time.

Last night I was invited by a lady friend to supper and Saturday I am invited by friends to dinner. I prefer face to face social media.waveysmiley

Katzy - 7-2-2014 at 20:49

Ah. I don't do wi-fi, for that very reason, grayles.

LSemmens - 7-2-2014 at 23:26

Here, Two PC's connected to TV sets as media centres wife often watches streaming content. I rarely do, but access our local data storage regularly, unless I'm downloading the latest updates on something. Lappy is where I do most of my work which is on WiFi. Printer, when I replace it, will also be networked. At least 6 smart devices used by various other members of the family all connected by WiFi. Eventually, will probably get another two or three computers working too, so far, no major issues 'cept WiFi dropping out from time to time.