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AWOL ...
August - 22-7-2012 at 13:53

Apologies for joining the forum & then not posting .... it's just been a lack of time ........... and imagination. :D

Will try to do better in future ............ no promises mind you. ;)

the bear - 22-7-2012 at 13:57

Hi August look forward to seeing your posts, love your Avatar by the way. waveysmiley

Best regards the Bear

LSemmens - 22-7-2012 at 14:24

Promises are made to be broken, that's why I never promise anything. If I say I'll do something then, I'll do it. Except when I don't. And that's a promise. :Dwaveysmiley

Welcome back, anyway, August, i understand the lack of time thing. My watch has had a flat battery for months. I still wear it to remind me to get a new one when I get the time. Problem is, when I have the time any or all of the following applies: a) I am nowhere near the Jewellers, b) I don't have the money or c) I forget! Generally it is c followed closely by B, with A fairly common too, as the nearest Jeweller is about 50Km away.

John_Little - 22-7-2012 at 17:12

Hiya August. Not long now. Next Wednesday, I believe.

August - 22-7-2012 at 18:46

Hi, the bear ... waveysmiley

Hi, LSemmens ... I agree with you ... especially ya sig. waveysmiley

Hi, John Little ... ltns. Yes ... I do believe you're right !!! waveysmiley

waffler - 22-7-2012 at 22:16

hello august waveysmiley

Nimuae - 23-7-2012 at 09:26

Hiya August ?waveysmiley

delanti - 23-7-2012 at 15:18

Hi there August, welcome aboard, join in the fun and frolic.waveysmiley

scholar - 23-7-2012 at 20:30

August, I understand with regard to the lack of time. I used to make dozens of posts almost every day. Now, in the year since I've been married, I sometimes make very few.

I do hope you'll jump in and keep things lively.

giron - 23-7-2012 at 22:37

Originally posted by scholar
I used to make dozens of posts almost every day.

How can we ever forget the time you made 372 posts in 24 hours ?

Those were the days, eh ? ;)

marymary100 - 23-7-2012 at 22:39

As this is post 460602 it won't be long till the 500,000 post competition... Get to work guys and gals.

John_Little - 24-7-2012 at 07:49

460622 actually

giron - 24-7-2012 at 07:52

Originally posted by John_Little
460622 actually

No, that's Matilda's pin number. waggyfinger

John_Little - 24-7-2012 at 09:59

And that was 460624

(I did try that pin but it didn't work)

marymary100 - 24-7-2012 at 10:05

Didn't it? Ooops.

giron - 24-7-2012 at 14:59

According to my scientific calculations it's going to take 2 years and 3 months before we hit the 500,000 post.

Unless, of course, someone starts some serious post boosting.
Remember, the target to beat is 372 posts in 24 hours.

August - 24-7-2012 at 19:23

Hello waffler ... waveysmiley

Hello Nimuae ... waveysmiley

Hello delanti ... I'll do my best, lol waveysmiley

Hello scholar ... I've had even less time today ! :D waveysmiley

John_Little - 24-7-2012 at 21:16

Like the avatar, though.:)

waffler - 25-7-2012 at 00:05

Now, in the year since I've been married, I sometimes make very few.

Wow u been married that long Seems like it was only yesterday waveysmiley