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Charles's day job
marymary100 - 10-5-2012 at 16:20

Prince Charles that is...

Expect reign - the Prince of Gales said so.

crikey - 10-5-2012 at 21:23

And didn't he do well? ;-)

marymary100 - 10-5-2012 at 21:28

I recommend Dumfries House if you haven't been there already.

waffler - 10-5-2012 at 22:22

Was it Charles or Rory Bremner confused2

waffler - 10-5-2012 at 23:42

He made the news in the USA today :)

LSemmens - 11-5-2012 at 01:56

He actually sounded intelligent and would probably make an excellent reporter had his birthright not forced another vocation upon him. Good on him for trying. I've never been much of a fan of Charlie, but then, most of the media down here only seem to report his stuff ups.

marymary100 - 11-5-2012 at 06:04

He comes to the area I work in quite often. We're a pet project. lips_sealed

LSemmens - 12-5-2012 at 08:34

Have you had any direct experience with him?

marymary100 - 12-5-2012 at 09:10

He was there and talked at length to the HT but the closest I got was talking to an American who works for him on a pet project to do with building old fashioned looking new towns like Poundbury.


and Knockroon


I was interested to see how they were making the houses suitable for disabled people.

I have met his father and we talked for a bit about a new public park which he had opened. I felt rather sorry for him as the hoi polloi shoved their snottery nosed children towards him and expected him to look delighted.

LSemmens - 12-5-2012 at 13:41

I was wondering if you'd been able to form an opinion of him "mano a mano", so to speak. Often, all we get are the media bites which don't show the "human" face. This weather report has gone a long way to improving his image in my eyes.

Big-Ray - 13-5-2012 at 07:00

Originally posted by marymary100
Prince Charles that is...

confused2 Is there another Charles?........smokin:

waffler - 13-5-2012 at 11:23


confused2 Is there another Charles?........smokin:

Wilmslow Charles waveysmiley

scholar - 13-5-2012 at 13:49

The Charles famous for football reports, the plumbing supplies business, and driving a taxi (retired from the latter two).

LSemmens - 14-5-2012 at 11:09

I hear that Manchester has won the premier league. ;)