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Att Dewitch: Caption Contest - fish
Quaver - 1-6-2011 at 20:45

[bad img]http://i53.tinypic.com/2nvcm4g.jpg[/bad img]

marymary100 - 1-6-2011 at 20:48

There's a plaice for us...

giron - 1-6-2011 at 20:56

Cod only knows what I'd be without you ......

scholar - 1-6-2011 at 20:58

"Perhaps, if I'd use a little make-up. . ."

scholar - 1-6-2011 at 20:59

"Fortunately, bald is in these days."

scholar - 1-6-2011 at 21:00

"If dinner is worms again tonight, I'm going to shoot myself."

scholar - 1-6-2011 at 21:16

(Looking at her reflection on the side of the aquarium) "Blue is definitely my color."

Nimuae - 1-6-2011 at 21:41

Does my bum look big in this ?

waffler - 1-6-2011 at 22:22

If my ears get any bigger they'll be calling me Charles :)

LSemmens - 2-6-2011 at 00:27

Something fishy is going on around here

DeWitch - 2-6-2011 at 00:57

You talkin' to me?

LSemmens - 2-6-2011 at 09:33

Wotchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?

Quaver - 2-6-2011 at 19:52

Originally posted by DeWitch
You talkin' to me?

The winner is DeWitch! Over to youwaveysmiley

scholar - 2-6-2011 at 22:30

DeWitch, it is now up to you to post a picture for the next caption contest in a new thread. It's up to you whether you want to post an original pic or one borrowed from elsewhere.

(You may very well have known this. We have at least one member who has just recently begun posting, and this will be the first new caption thread he will see. ;))