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I've always wondered .....
giron - 5-6-2010 at 22:36

What these song lyrics really refer to : -

Tie me kangaroo down sport,
tie me kangaroo down.
Tie me kangaroo down sport,
tie me kangaroo down.

Now I know that it must be lonely for a bloke in the Australian outback, but .........

Daz - 5-6-2010 at 23:13

Maybe the Welsh members can shed some light...?

giron - 5-6-2010 at 23:17

I'm not too sure whether we've got any Welsh members, but even if we have they're, most likely, too busy ' tending ' the sheep. :o

marymary100 - 5-6-2010 at 23:27

Bringing in the sheep
Bringing in the sheep
We shall come rejoicing
Bringing in the sheep

giron - 5-6-2010 at 23:33

If it wasnae for your wellies, where would you be?
You'd be in the hospital or infirmary,
Cause you would have a dose of the flu or even pleurisy,
If you didnae have your sheep feet in your wellies!

scholar - 6-6-2010 at 00:49

I think the verses of the song are intended to refer to silliness.

"Tie me [my] kangaroo down" is silly, because wild kangaroos won't abide being tied down, or on a leash--they run away fast, and they are strong.

Another verse:
"Watch me wallaby's feed, mate, watch me wallaby's feed.
They're a dangerous breed, mate, so watch me wallaby's feed."

A wallaby eats grass at night, I've read, so their feed needs no watching (the grass is not going to run away, and is plentiful in normal circumstances). I'm told they are not dangerous, but rather are small, and their main defence is to run away.

One of the other verses refers to a friend as "Blue," the clever Australian nickname for a person whose hair is red (not blue, get it? :jester) :jester) :jester))

giron - 7-6-2010 at 22:43

Originally posted by scholar
Νομίζω ότι οι στίχοι του τραγουδιού που προορίζονται να αναφερθώ σε ανοησία.

Yes, that's a good point. waveysmiley

John_Little - 8-6-2010 at 08:10


stripeyhoss - 8-6-2010 at 15:18

I suppose if you didnt tie it down it might smack you one in the mouth:D

giron - 8-6-2010 at 19:12

Hello stripeyhoss, you seem to know a lot about tying kangaroos down, you're not Australian are you ?waveysmiley