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How big is your living room?
marymary100 - 16-8-2009 at 11:38

Apparently we live in little boxes when compared to other countries.

My 4 storey townhouse in America was much much bigger than the house I currently have so the square footage would not compare favourably overall. My townhouse was open plan with the enough space for two lounges (one forward facing and one facing the rear with a fireplace), a dining room and a kitchen on the ground level. The kitchen opened on to a deck which overlooked the garden so that made it seem even bigger.

My current living room is 25 feet by just under 14 feet. Big enough, but only just.

How big is your living room and how big do you wish it was?

Snowy - 16-8-2009 at 11:43

I think I must have one of the smallest homes in Scotland Mary, to give you an idea how small, it only has 3 doors. An entrance door, one to the bathroom and one for the cupboard under the stairs. I have one room downstairs which houses the kitchen area and living area and one open plan bedroon upstairs with no door on it, so I can lay awake at night and listen to the fridge humming...:D
But it is all free and I woudn't swap it for the world, I just love it.....waveysmiley

LSemmens - 16-8-2009 at 12:11

I live in a single story house which is the largest that we've owned in all our married life. The lounge room measures 13' x 20' give or take a bit, The ktichen/dine is approximately the same size with three bedrooms and a formal dining room.

delanti - 16-8-2009 at 13:15

I have less than 1000 SF of living space on the main floor. The living room is 10 x 16. It makes getting lost difficult. waveysmiley

marymary100 - 16-8-2009 at 15:23

I've found a picture of my old house online here - or at least it looks very like it. Maybe around 1700sq. feet? It had a full basement which you can't see from the front elevation and a loft which provided an extra room.

I miss the space, but not the life.

John_Little - 16-8-2009 at 17:54

I'm only guessing, but I reckon its about 15X15 with the alcoves and bay window extra.

the bear - 16-8-2009 at 21:30

The cave is big enough to warrent the use of a mono cycle to get from end to end.

To much furniture though to many book cases, cabinets etc.

Regards the Bear

delanti - 16-8-2009 at 22:29

My old house up North had about 2100 SF. 2 story with 4 bedrooms upstairs. It was nice when I was married with 4 children but once divorced and as the children came of age and moved away,I found there were months between visits to the bedrooms other than mine.

Went into the back bedroom one day to find I had a leak in the roof and about a quarter of the ceiling tile had come down. Thats why I downsized when I moved here. waveysmiley

Daz - 16-8-2009 at 23:16

From memory when laying the laminate flooring, I think it was about 16 x 24 ft