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hawklord - 17-5-2008 at 17:57

love 'em or hate 'em,

we seem to have been invaded by the whole spider community, they are everywhere,
me - i don't mind them, just pick them up and out the window they go,
her indoors gets the hoover out whilst screaming to the little blighters,
my little alien has now decided that the only way to get rid of them is to run about screaming histerically, waving her hands in the air untill they pack up and leave,

spring - don't you just love it

SRD - 17-5-2008 at 17:59

Love them, they keep the flies down and are easy enough to remove when they become too numerous.

marymary100 - 17-5-2008 at 19:05

I don't mind them, but always put them outside after capturing them in a tumbler.

the bear - 17-5-2008 at 19:09

As you say love them or hate them.

About this time last year my step daughter moved into her own flat, she was absolutely delighted and settled in really quickly, one evening about 11.45. I answered the phone, it was Tasha, she sounded very agitated, when I answered I got a plantive cry, can you come down and kill a spider for me. its in the hall outside the bedroom and I cant go to sleep.

When I got there Tasha threw me the keys from the window,
(the spider was between her and the front door). I dealt with her visitor and let him go in the garden, I then had to spent an hour going round every room till she was happy that there were no more eight legged lurkers.
So as not to have a repeat of this episode I made Tasha a present of a spider catcher, purchased from our local hardware store.

Regards the Bear

Badgergirl - 17-5-2008 at 19:33

Last week, I held a small spider in my hand without even a flinch.

Last YEAR, I saw a small spider on my wall and ran screaming from my room at 2am.

I'm making progress. Out of James and I ONE of us has to! We can't both scream like babies every time we find a funnelweb in the bathroom.

(We want to emmigrate to Oz, so far, not a good idea for arachophobes!)

Nimuae - 17-5-2008 at 20:30

Some spiders are actually quite beautiful, if you look at them closely.

Quaver - 17-5-2008 at 21:27

Originally posted by Nimuae
Some spiders are actually quite beautiful, if you look at them closely.

I don't find them beautifulskidaddle
Then again I try not to look at them, so what do I know;)

LSemmens - 18-5-2008 at 13:08

It's all right BG, the spiders down here only eat mice! They don't worry badgers! :P

TooCute4Words - 18-5-2008 at 15:09

Hate them :(:(

janet - 18-5-2008 at 15:38

I'm with SRD - they don't tend to bother me, and they eat things I'm not all that happy about having in the house.

Though the first night the kitten was here, she chased one -fine - but then she caught it. Apparently it didn't taste good. :)