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X factor semi final
Dreamweaver - 8-12-2007 at 19:13

Who will go tonight ?

I think either Same Difference or Leon.

Whats your prediction?

marymary100 - 8-12-2007 at 19:59

I agree it will be one of them. It will come down to the teenybopper vote against the Scottish one. Leon was weak i nhis first song.

Dreamweaver - 8-12-2007 at 21:45

oops. how wrong was I lol

marymary100 - 8-12-2007 at 21:46

My jaw dropped! Unbelievable!shocked_yellow

shywitch - 8-12-2007 at 23:30

I bet a few people were shocked by that one.

marymary100 - 9-12-2007 at 00:00

There are already cries of fix. Maybe she'd have stopped Rhydian who I'm sure will win.

Daz - 9-12-2007 at 01:38

Me and the missus, (before it started) called it right... We said either Leon or more likely Nicki (sp)... The Welsh guy will walk it I think...

Queen of Ra - 9-12-2007 at 11:16

I don't think any of these finalists have the same 'thing' as Leona did last year.

I do think though that Same Difference would do well with something like a Saturday morning kids show - they could do sketches, sing a song, have guests...bit like Ant and Dec when they started out.