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In memory of Karl Davis, founder of this board, who made his final journey 12th June 2007

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Dreamweaver (Super Administrator)
I am Karl`s widow.With help from my moderators I will try to maintain these forums in honour of Karl.
I enjoy reading and cooking.I am a qualified dog groomer.
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Faolan (Super Moderator)
Computer engineer and Freelance photographer.
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LSemmens (Super Moderator)
Username: Lsemmens (AKA: Leigh Semmens)
Born: Adelaide, South Australia
D.O.B. : 1957
Current Location: Riverton, South OZ
Role: Moderator

Retired (owing to severe MVA) - previously
- Landscape Gardener, Tree Lopper, Domestic reticulation secialist
- Computer sales, support, database programmer
- Telecommunications Technician
- Fast food manager
among others

Married - 36 years with 4 (adult) children
Currently spend my days working around home and supporting my sick wife, my nights - here!
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marymary100 (Super Moderator)
I was addicted to the hokey cokey, but now I've turned myself around...
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Theravad (Super Administrator)
Theravad ( aka Simon ) is an engineer (the only job where you get paid to play), systems' architectures is the game but I do have a background in RF and know plenty 'stuff' about computing (enuf to make a living :) ). I have been running Linux for years.
Also teach Shotokan Karate and ride out on a 17H Dutch Warmblood :-)
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